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So, in order to try and slay my own demons of procrastination and a general feeling of not achieving anything, I’ve decided to start blogging regularly about all the big and small achievements every day.

Today I:

  • Solved two basic HackerRank exercises:
func pageCount(n int32, p int32) int32 {

    numBuckets := n/2
    bucketNumber := p/2
    wayFromBack := numBuckets - bucketNumber
    if (bucketNumber < wayFromBack){
        return bucketNumber
    } else {
        return wayFromBack

Which was surprisingly easy in the end, but for some reason I massively over-thought it when I first looked at it. Also “buckets” was a weird choice of naming looking at it now.

func countingValleys(steps int32, path string) int32 {
    altitude := 0
    pathSplit := strings.Split(path, "")
    inValley := false
    numValleys := 0
    for _, ch := range(pathSplit) {
        if ch == "U" {
            if altitude >= 0 {
                inValley = false
        } else if ch == "D"{
            //Check if we are already in a valley and if we are below sea level
            if !inValley && altitude < 0 {
                inValley = true
        } else {
            fmt.Println("Unknown character " + ch)
    return int32(numValleys)

This one I found more straight forward, though on first go at it, I forgot to change the status of “inValley” at the appropriate points.