Learning Go with Tests book Link to heading

About a year and a half ago, I started learning the Go programming language using this excellent Udemy course. This was good as a language introduction and allowed me to learn all the features of the language and how it worked under the hood. However, by itself I don’t really feel I got a massive amount from that course.

Then at some point (possibly through someone linking to it from the Go reddit) I came across the Learn Go with Tests boo. At first it was quite a challenge to get into the book, especially as it teaches not just the Go language, but also TDD and the various techniques around how to structure code to be more testable, how to test async code, how to make it easy to add test cases etc… However, I think I really got into the red, green, refactor rythm after a time and started really loving the instantaneous feedback loops in particular.

I had a look, but it seems you can’t buy a copy of the book (at the moment anyway). I think I’ll be one of the first to get a physical copy when they go on sale.